This Ain't No Monkey Business!

Two-foot primate is the prime suspect in gardening store break-in

The owners of a Richardson, Texas, gardening store have surveillance video of what appears to be a monkey burglarizing their business.

Plants and Planters has been burglarized several times, but co-owner Jerry Duncan said it's “definitely never been robbed by a monkey before.”

A two-foot primate is the prime suspect in the latest break-in at the Richardson nursery. Duncan’s wife, Shelley Rosenfeld, said she didn’t believe it either, “until I looked at it and said, 'This is crazy.'”

The owners of Plants and Planters have watched the surveillance video hundreds of times and are convinced it shows a monkey stealing from them.

“You can see the back legs, the front arms and the white head,” Duncan said.

In the video, the primate appears briefly in the lower left corner, walks past the fountain and then stops and places his hands on the floor.

Rosenfeld said she believes a human accomplice trained the monkey to lift the plants and pass them over the gate.

About 40 plants were missing the nursery, and pieces of concrete were shattered in the parking lot.

"They need to train him better,” Duncan said. “Especially if he is going to do the big jobs.”

For now, Richardson police are stuck with the job of figuring out who is responsible.

“I wouldn’t think there would be too many monkeys in this city,” Duncan said.

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