Third White Tiger Rescued By Exotic Animal Sanctuary In Wylie

In-Sync Exotics, a wildlife rescue and education center in Collin County, rescued a white tiger this week, its the third one this year.

"Gus" was surrendered to In-Sync from a private owner in South Texas, and appears to be in good health.

In January, two white tigers were seized from an "undisclosed" location in Texas, from a person who was holding them illegally, according to In-Sync Exotics spokesperson Angela Culver. 

"In Texas, as many other states in the country, it is shockingly not illegal to own an exotic animal," said Culver.

However, many people do not get the proper permits and licenses to own such animals, so it's hard to track exactly how many exotic animals are being kept as pets within the United States, or here in Texas. 

"White tigers are often highly sought after by private owners, backyard breeders, and the cub petting industry, because of their striking coloration," said Culver. "They often suffer exploitation, abuse and neglect." 

Eight-year-old Gus was owned legally by his owner, who contacted In-Sync last summer about surrendering the tiger. It wasn't until this week, that the animal came under the care of In-Sync's team. 

Gus will be in mandatory quarantine for 30 days to undergo testing for diseases and parasites, which is standard practice. Once he is given a clean bill of health, he will be moved to a larger permanent home within the sanctuary. 

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