Think You're a Good Driver? Prove It

Texas drivers rank in lower half of all American drivers in knowledge of rules of the road

The good news is, Texas doesn't have the nation's worst drivers. The bad news? We are nowhere near having the best, either.

According to an annual survey that tests drivers' knowledge of the rules of the road, Texas ranks No. 33 out of all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test asked 20 questions taken from various state Department of Motor Vehicle exams.

The Texans polled scored 76.8 percent on the test, about the national average of 76.2 percent. The average score is nearly the same as last year's 76 percent, when Texas ranked 35th.

In a press release, GMAC Insurance said that while the average score for all drivers went up this year, plenty don't have basic driving knowledge.

Nationwide, about one in five drivers would not pass a written drivers test if they took it today, the insurance company said.

Kansas drivers came out on top with an average score of 82.9 percent, while D.C. drivers came in dead last with an average score of 71.8 percent. (See the results for all states here.)

The survey tested 5,130 licensed drivers ages 16-65 in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The test was administered by TNS, a custom research agency. GMAC said national data was weighted to percentage of state population, age, gender and ethnicity.

Think you can beat the score? Take the test here: GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

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