Thieves Target Peewee Football Team

A Mesquite peewee football team is raising funds after its team trailer was stolen from a coach's home in Balch Springs.

Team president Rebecca Taylor said it went missing sometime between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. Thursday with thousands of dollars' worth of game day gear inside.

"It really makes you think, 'What is this world coming to,' when people are stealing from kids," said Taylor.

Inside, she says, was the team's custom tunnel, sound system, generator, tents and t-shirts normally sold as a fundraiser.

"I was kind of upset because we have a lot of things, a lot of equipment that we use for the games, and I was really sad because we use the sound system to perform," said sixth grader Abigail Pineda.

For now, the dance team is relying on counts rather than music for their routines, and the football team is forgoing the grand entrance through the tunnel that pumps them up before each game.

They're still practicing and preparing for Saturday hopeful that just as they've learned the difference between right and wrong, so will those responsible for the theft.

"Those are things that belong to us, to our Hornet family and our community, and it feels kind of sad that we don't have things anymore," said Pineda.

A GoFundMe to raise funds to replace the stolen items has already raised several thousand dollars.

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