Thieves Steal Tires, Leave SUV on Cinder Blocks

A family in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas said they woke up Halloween morning to a terrible trick instead of a treat.

Ben Parkey said he walked out of his home on the 6500 block of Anita to find his Tahoe resting on cinder blocks.

“Did about three takes and realized it wasn’t a joke. My tires and wheels were gone,” Parkey said.

The thieves took everything from the wheel assembly, only leaving the SUV’s lug nuts behind.

Parkey’s wife, Allison Parkey, said she was up until one in the morning working on her computer and never heard a noise.

Ben Parkey was up by 5 a.m.

Both agree the criminals moved quickly and silently, and that’s what scares them.

“Our 4-year-old is sleeping in the next room. I just feel violated,” said Allison Parkey.

“It’s really frightening. Especially because of the fact, what else could they do? If they can do this and not drop a wrench or make any noise to alert anybody, what else could they be doing? It’s really scary,” said Ben Parkey.

Ben Parkey said upon filing a police report, officers told him currently thieves are after all sorts of tires.

“They’re trying to re-sell them at chop shops. He told me even spare tires are in demand, so they’re selling those too,” he said.

The couple said they just want their experience to be a warning for other families.

“Just be aware. Look around, pay attention and be safe. Because bad things can happen to anybody,” warned Allison Parkey.

If you have any information about this crime or others similar to it, call Dallas Police Crime Stoppers.

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