Thieves Posing as Water Department Employees in Irving

The Irving Police Department is investigating two theft complaints in which two people pretend to be City of Irving Water Department employees to get people to let them into their homes.

One person will distract victims while the other will steal property from inside the home. The theives seem to target elderly residents. 

Both the police department and the water department have learned of other, nonsuccessful attempts by these con artists to gain entry into Irving homes under the false identity of a water department employee. 

The City of Irving wants residents to know these people are in no way affiliiated with the City of Irving. Water department employees or their contractors rarely need to go inside a customer's home. Employees of the city wear clothing bearing the city logo, have valid city credantials and drive cars and trucks marked with the city logo. 

Anyone with concerns over a city contractor or employee should call Customer Service at (972) 721-2411. Irving police urge all residents to use good judgement when ansering the door and verify all stories before allowing someone into your home. 

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