Thieves Hit Gun Store Right Next to Euless Police Department

Euless police are investigating a brazen break-in Saturday morning at a gun store adjacent to the police department headquarters.

Euless Guns and Ammo is located at 1200 West Euless Boulevard, and the Euless Police Department is next door on the same side of the street at 1102 West Euless Boulevard.

"You would think that because you're right next to the police station that you'd be safer," said store customer Will Taylor, of Hurst.

A group of five gun thieves was in and out of Euless Guns and Ammo in less than two minutes.

Surveillance cameras captured video of the group backing up a white Ford F250 pickup, then breaking down the glass door, yanking out the metal bars behind it and rushing inside.

Each of the five people who entered the store was covered head to toe, all of them wearing hoodies that were pulled up.

Inside, they smashed display cases and ran out with 39 handguns, but they did not take any long guns, police said.

"Any time you get a burglary of this magnitude, where a large number of firearms are taken you're going to presume that you've got, you're dealing with professionals," said Sgt. Scott Peterson, Euless Police Department spokesman.

Euless officers arrived within minutes of receiving the alarm company's call shortly after 5 a.m.Saturday.

"Any crime can happen anywhere at any time," Peterson said. "I mean, we're talking literally couple hundred feet from the front door of the police department, but again the officers middle of the night aren't stationed here at the police department."

Federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are helping with the investigation to catch those responsible.

Euless police are not yet releasing any of the surveillance video.

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