Thief Strikes Already Struggling Neighborhood Used Book Store

It's tough being in the book business these days, but Lucky Dog Books has managed to stay open. Over the weekend, a thief made that harder to do.

"This is certainly a drawback to us in these difficult times," owner Yinghui Li said. "This is definitely heartbreaking."

Li said the break-in happened sometime before the bookstore opened Sunday.

"Really, it's not only damaging the store," Li said. "It's damaging the community."

Lucky Dog Books is on Jefferson, in the middle of a block of stores for thrifty shoppers. It is the only used, affordable bookstore in the neighborhood.

"If you only have a couple of those in your neighborhood, you treasure those," customer Shawn Torres said. "They're precious to you."

Li bought the store last year. He said on a good day he breaks even, but he's been dipping into his own pockets to keep the store open. To him, they aren't just books.

"Every person can have one life, but reading gives you multiple lives," Li said.

There is a GoFundMe page to help keep Lucky Dog Books open.

To the person who committed the break-in, Torres had some advice.

"I'd say next time wait for the store to open, come in and see what it has to offer," Torres said. "Cause these books can change your life."

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