Thief Steals Family Memories of Late Husband/Father

When a thief stole two jet skis from a Lewisville storage facility, he took the last gift a father/husband gave his family

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Police in Lewisville are looking for a suspect who stole two jet skis from a Lewisville storage facility in July.

"It's not just the money," Reece Martin said. "There's always a heart behind it. There's always a story behind it."

Reece and Rian Martin, and their mother Randi Martin-Peters have memories attached to the jet skis. Jim Martin bought them in 2014 for his family with money he'd saved.

"For my girls, that's our last summer with their father," Martin-Peters said.

Jim Martin died suddenly in December 2014. Since then, the family has spent time on those jet skis on Lake Lewisville, remembering him.

"You get out there and your mind gets clear," Martin-Peters said. "We can just see things clearer and remember him better."

The thief who stole the jet skis took more than property.

"You took a piece of our heart. You assaulted our memories that are precious to us and you forced me and my girls, who have already had to learn how to let go of things abruptly, we just had to let one more thing get ripped out of our lives without warning," Martin-Peters said. "It hurts, and it hurts deep."

Police believe the same black Chevy Avalanche truck seen in surveillance video hitching the two jet skis is responsible for thefts in Mesquite and Hunt County as well.

If you have any information, call the City of Lewisville at (972) 219-5093.

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