Thief Spotted Stealing from Package off Uptown Porch

A brazen thief only needed 20 seconds to slice open a package left on an Uptown porch and walk away with its contents, and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video.

A person, who appears to be a young woman, was seen on the video approaching the package sitting on a front porch along Hugo Street.

She then used her keys to cut the box open and steal the contents: A T-shirt and plastic bag.

"I was like, well, this girl actually stole my stuff, so I put it on Facebook and said, 'Let's play guess who,'" said Bree Sumrall, whose security camera captured the thief.

The video was recorded Saturday night and clearly shows the blonde-headed thief, in a striped skirt and flip flops, who never looks directly at the camera.

The contents weren't of much value, but Sumrall said the video is getting a lot of attention on social media and hopes it discourages anyone else from trying the same thing.

"Everyone walks around here, but it's just unfortunate that people have to be stealing other people's packages," she said.

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