Bianca Castro

ThermiRase: Wrinkle Eraser

Most of us have heard of Botox to smooth away wrinkles, but the effects are temporary.

Now, a new treatment using heat promises to get rid of those frown lines for years.

"Most people with ThermiRase tend to look more natural. Their frown is diminished but it's not a frozen look like Botox," said Dr. Jeffrey Caruth, who offers the procedure to patients at his Plano-based cosmetic surgery center. 

First, a probe is used to locate the nerves to be treated. Local anesthesia is injected to numb the area. Then the heat goes to work.

"In the frown lines, there are nerves that cause you to frown and if you ablate those nerves, then for some period of time, those nerves are going to behave normally and you'll be unable to frown, or have less of a frown, and have a more natural look," said Caruth.

To ablate, or stop the nerve from working, the temperature is 80 to 85 degrees Celsius, considered a safe range with no risk of burns. 

Unlike Botox, which paralyzes the nerve and lasts for about three months, ThermiRase can last years.

"Although it's not permanent, it may last for a year or several years, depending how it's done," Caruth said.

This is erasing Sanzone’s frown lines and giving her something to smile about. 

ThermiRase takes about an hour and swelling usually lasts about two weeks.

It can be costly at about $2,500 and experts recommend you make sure it’s done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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