North Texas

There's Something in the Water in Hurst, and It Tastes Like Dirt

There's something in the water in one North Texas city and it doesn't taste good. Many local cities are seeing higher water usage right now, and the city of Hurst is relying on well water much more than usual.

But the city wants residents to know that the water is safe to drink. They sent out a notice telling neighbors that crews are monitoring water quality every day to make sure it meets EPA guidelines.

But even though it's safe to drink, tap water in the south part of the city will taste, smell and even feel different for the time being.

"It just has a, like you got some dirt thrown in your face,” said Hurst resident Christine Duke. “You kinda wanna spit it out, unfortunately."

Typically up to 98% of Hurst water comes from a surface water source out of Fort Worth. But Hurst city leaders say that right while sprinklers are running and water demand is up in this hot, dry weather, one of their supply sources failed, forcing them to use a much higher amount of well water.

Duke can certainly tell the difference and for now she's steering her family away from straight tap water.

"I am actually using the Brita filter for our ice,” Duke said. “That's how bad, that's how much I don't enjoy the water."

The city said they are working quickly to fix the problem and restore the normal supply as soon as possible. Anyone with questions can call 817-788-7212.

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