‘There's Nothing Left' : Farmersville Teen Describes Storm Damage

The storm that pushed through rural Collin County Sunday was not officially deemed a tornado, but it was strong enough to lift up and launch a mobile home.

It was not officially a tornado that tore through a rural area east of Farmersville, Collin County late Sunday night.

But the storm was strong enough to lift up and launch a mobile home from its foundation, along with the married couple inside of it at the time.

"We were scared," said Anthony Solis, 16, about his grandparents Jesus and Lidia Solis, who were tossed aside in the storm. Both of them suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones, but both are expected to be okay.

Debris from the Solis family mobile home is still scattered across multiple properties on either side of County Road 697, just south of Highway 380. Collin County Road and Bridge crews spent several hours on Thursday with heavy equipment helping to clear the debris from the area.

Anthony Solis said that he, his two sisters and his parents rode out the storm in the family's underground storm shelter. Solis said his father built the shelter four years ago, but the family had never used it until Sunday.

"I looked this way and saw nothing," Solis said. "My dad said the same thing. He said, 'There's nothing there. There's nothing left.' My mom was scared because my grandparents, we thought something bad happened to them. I just heard my grandmother scream, and after that it was just pure silence. We could not hear anything afterwards."

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