Money Mystery in North Richland Hills Solved

North Richland Hills police say a Valentine's Day money mystery has been solved.

Kasey Barrientos was headed to North Hills Hospital in North Richland Hills to drop off donuts for the doctors she works with through her home health role when she noticed something in the air.

"I thought it was just trash. I thought it was trash, and then I thought it was a couple of dollars like someone just lost their money or something," said Barrientos.

But those couple of dollars turned out to be $100 bills, which she rushed around to collect as the wind blew them around along City Point Drive.

"I felt kind of crazy because I was wearing a dress and I was just stomping on the money everywhere," said Barrientos.

In all, she and another Good Samaritan managed to collect what they hope was all of the money, $1,500 plus a Wells Fargo bank envelope with the name "Don" scribbled across the front.

"I feel like it had to do maybe with someone here paying their water bill or just here paying a bill or paying a ticket or something like that," said Barrientos.

But after calling the water department, the permit department, the courthouse and even the bank, she hasn't stumbled onto any leads.

"I would love for this mystery to be put to rest and us be able to find him and us get his money back," said Barrientos.

The North Richland Hills police department told Barrientos that Don had been located and was returned the money.

Don left this kind note and a reward at the police station for Barrientos and the other Good Samaritan:

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