Theme for 2017 State Fair of Texas Announced: Celebrating Texans

State Fair of Texas officials say the theme of this year's fair will be "Celebrating Texans". 

"As the saying goes, 'everything is bigger in Texas'," officials said in a statement early Friday morning. "Our deep-rooted sense of Texan pride is no exception. Since it's establishment in 1886, the Fair has served as an advocate for this quintessential virtue throughout its 130-year history of celebrating all things Texan."

The State Fair of Texas is a nonprofit organization aiming to bring people from all over the country together through education, activity and Texas-sized fun. More than 100 attractions and exhibits happen at the fair every day. 

"Honoring its past, present and future Texas neighbors, the 2017 event...will further support this initiative by highlighting the importance of community within every aspect of the fair," said the statement. 

"The fair brings people from all walks of life together for the same purpose - to experience and celebrate our evolving Texan culture," says Mitchell Glieber, State Fair of Texas President. "There is a unique sense of community that fair goers develop during their visit...and we're extremely proud to be a vehicle for that unity."

Every year, the fair hosts 4H and FFA members from all across the state to share their agricultural expertise. Texas high school students can also receive scholarships through the fair's Youth Scholarship Program and anyone can showcase their artistic skills through the many community exhibits.

The fair is launching a community spotlight campaign this year to highlight Texan individuals and organizations who share in its goal to make a difference in the community.

This year's fair runs 24 days, from Sept. 29 through Oct. 29 in Fair Park in Dallas. A mural paying tribute to the "celebrated traditions that unite our Texas family" in honor of the fair this year can be found on the side of Baker's Ribs in Deep Ellum now through the end of the fair season. 

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