The Tax Man Cometh

Procrastinators rush to mail last-minute returns

The hours are winding down for the April 15 tax filing deadline, and many North Texans are scrambling to get their returns in the mail.

"I'm a total procrastinator."

Jeff Goar sn't the only one who showed up at the Dallas post office on Oak Lawn Tuesday to mail an income tax return.

"I don't generally do it really early," said Sara Luoma. "We usually end up owing a little or getting a little back, but it's never enough to rush around in January."

"A lot of people procrastinate," said Jackson Hewitt's district manager, David Delarosa. "A lot of the reason why they procrastinate -- they don't have the money to pay their taxes by April15.

Delarosa said Jackson Hewitt Tax Service sees big crowds in the days leading up to the filing deadline. Some taxpayers will file an application for an tax extension, but tax advisers said extensions can be tricky.

"What it does is give you additional time to file an accurate return," said Delarosa. "Your taxes are still due on April 15."

Despite cutting it close to that filing deadline, the stress hasn't sent Jeff Goar into a frenzy..

"It's just painful to have to do it," Goar admits. "It was actually really easy; I just put it off. I could have done it a couple months ago, but I just did it today."

Dallas-Fort Worth curbside collection locations open until midnight Thursday:
Dallas (Main) 4600 DFW Turnpike
Dallas (Bent Tree) 4475 Trinity Mills Rd.
Fort Worth (Jack D. Watson) 4600 Mark IV Pkwy

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