The West Texas Dallas Cowboys Super Fan

More than 600 miles west of Dallas-Fort Worth, you can't help but notice the house.

From the 1951 blue Ford pickup truck parked out front, to the bright yellow goal posts that tower over the backyard fence.

"I bleed blue," the home owner Jose Hernandez said. "Everything here is Cowboys."

Hernandez has turned his home in El Paso, into the ultimate game day experience.

"It's little AT&T Stadium, man," Hernandez joked. "This is a dream come true to me. It just came out crazy in my head and I did it."

The project consumed him.

"I know my wife thinks, what the hell is he doing at one in the morning," Hernandez remembers.

He hauled in eight tons a gravel and cut enough field turf, by hand, to cover up his entire backyard.

"I've probably spent a good $10,000," Hernandez said. "And that's not even counting the time."

Every team has fans.

"I think everytime I see him, he has a Cowboys shirt on," said neighbor Matthew Prue. "I don't even think he knows that I'm a 49's fan."

"I hope Jerry sees it," Hernandez added. "I hope the team sees it."

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