The University of North Texas Prepares For Limited Reopening

The school in Denton is slowly reopening for courses that are difficult to teach online

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After weeks of looking like a ghost town  the University of North Texas at Denton is preparing to open it's doors again.

After weeks of looking like a ghost town, the University of North Texas at Denton is preparing to open it's doors again.

"Today we're going to be sending out a letter to our students saying we anticipate a very limited reopening in the second half of the summer followed by a more complete reopening in the fall," Neal Smatresk, University President said on April 30.

Smatresk said faculty and staff will be welcomed back to campus first and then students mainly those in lab sciences, arts, and music, the courses much harder to teach online.

"We're going to make it possible with appropriate safety, social distancing, testing when needed, and all the other safety precautions our public health officials feel are appropriate," said Smatresk.

Students like Cydne Robinson appreciate the effort the school is making to transition back for those important lab classes but to do so slowly.

"I’ve seen a lot of parents say they’re going to take their kids out for a gap year and you know I rather them try than to sit and wait and see what happens," said Robinson.

The school will remained prepared in case another outbreak occurs in the fall still keeping  a lot of large lecture classes online, and welcoming back many others. 

"We think we'll have something approaching a normal environment with the big stuff, still online," said Smatresk.

Athletics is part of this equation as well. Athletes will hopefully begin training and prepare to play this summer. It may not be a full season, but they're planning on some football this fall.

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