the Trinity Railway Express

‘The T' Plans to Provide Service Under Freezing Conditions

The T will be providing bus and Trinity Railway Express service under freezing conditions.

Passengers could experience slight delays, and all scheduled service will be subject to weather and safety conditions. The TRE planned to operate under a special inclement weather schedule Monday.

The T bus system has sanding trucks ready, will prepare to implement detours to avoid impassable areas and will have extra bus operators and maintenance crews on standby. Buses will be started early to warm engines and interiors for passengers, and sidewalks will be sanded at The T’s transfer centers.

The Trinity Railway Express will follow its planned regular schedules. TRE will use heating equipment to keep moving parts of track switches thawed and will bring in some maintenance crews earlier than usual.  Crews not assigned will be on standby. TRE platforms and ramps will be sanded.

The T advises bus and TRE customers to plan extra time for their travels, and to use extra caution at bus stops and TRE stations when walking through parking lots, on sidewalks or platforms that might have icy spots.

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