Tarrant County

The Race for Swing Senate District 10 in Tarrant County

In very red Tarrant County, the Democrats are hoping to turn Senate District 10 blue. It is the seat currently held by Republican Konni Burton, who has served since 2015.

It is a close district in an possibly uncertain time for republicans. Expect Democrats to work hard to win it back, according Marco Rosas, executive director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party.

“Senate District 10 is definitely one that you know, we want to bring back for the home team,” Rosas said.

President Donald Trump won this district in the 2016 election, but by a very slim margin. He received 47.9 percent of the vote, and Hillary Clinton received 47.3 percent. There were about 1,800 votes separating the two.

The Republican Party in Tarrant County knows this one could be close in November.

“Republicans are working hard. We are not taking anything for granted. SD10 is a swing district,” said Richard DeOtte, vice chair of political affairs for the Tarrant County GOP.

Republican Sen. Konni Burton came into office after Democrat Wendy Davis. We asked Burton what to do in 2018 to win a swing district.

“Again, it is just talking about the issues. Property tax reform, life. I am going to defend life, as I did during session, as I talked about the last election cycle,” said Burton.

In the red county, Republicans outvoted Democrats by 34,000 votes in the primary.

But Democratic challenger Beverly Powell feels she has a winning strategy to attract all voters.

“We are focused on building a coalition that includes all of our voters all across the district, and we will go after those independents as well. And then in the interest of our business platform, we believe that we will pull some of those moderate votes. Enough to take this race,” said Powell.

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