North Texas Tollway Authority to Increase Toll Rates

How much will the new rates be costing you?

The price of gas may be leveling off, but it's about to get just a tad bit more expensive to drive for some North Texans.

The North Texas Tollway Authority - the government entity that is authorized to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects - announced toll rates will increase on July 1.

The increase is the implementation of a biennial toll rate schedule approved back in 2009. TollTag members, on average, will pay an additional penny member pile, from 17.06 to 18.01 cents.

ZipCash, who pay 50 percent more than TollTag members, will also see an increase in their rates.

“NTTA’s goal is to have every driver in a cost-saving TollTag,” said NTTA Chairman Kenneth Barr. “It is the least expensive and most convenient way for drivers to safely travel throughout Texas, Oklahoma and now, Kansas.”

TollTag members - 80 percent of toll road users - prepay with an account to receive a discounted rate. ZipCash customers – drivers who choose not to use a TollTag – are charged a higher rate, but only if they use NTTA toll roads.

NTTA does not receive tax dollars to operate, or maintain, its toll roads. 

ZipCash customers can become TollTag members prior to July 1 to receive discounted TollTag rates and lower their toll road costs. The NTTA offers a $20 Starter TollTag and a cash-backed TollTag option, managed by the individual, so infrequent toll road users can still get discount rates.

The NTTA regularly schedules increases to fund new transportation choices; repay their more than $9.5 billion in bonds for newly built toll roads; and keep up with inflation.

Through 2022, the NTTA will re-invest more than $900 million for widening, improvement and construction of its roads to relieve traffic and improve transit possibilities in North Texas.

Drivers should watch for maintenance crews changing toll rate signs in the coming weeks. You can view the new toll rates by visiting NTTA.org.

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