The Heisman Voting is Rigged Against West Coast Players

Being a college football player on the West Coast is not ideal to win the Heisman Trophy.

Since 1970, only seven players from the West Coast have won the award that represents the best college football player in the country. The winners all came from the Pac-12.

  • Jim Plunkett-Stanford 1970
  • Charles White-USC 1979
  • Marcus Allen-USC 1981
  • Carson Palmer-USC 2002
  • Matt Leinart-USC 2004
  • Reggie Bush-USC 2005 (vacated)
  • Marcus Mariota-2014 Oregon

As you can see from the latest winners list, you better be from USC if you want win the Heisman or you really are a long shot playing on the West Coast.

Does Christian McCaffrey of Stanford, who was a Heisman Finalist last year have a shot this season? Maybe.

Todd Husak played quarterback at Stanford and now calls their games as the team's color analyst. He's seen the Heisman voters shut out Stanford's Toby Gerhart, Andrew Luck and Christian McCaffrey over the last several years and he tells Newy the system needs to be completely overhauled so voters don't continue to screw over West Coast schools.

Take a listen here.

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