The Heart of Southern Dallas Goes Quiet

Publisher suspends publication of Oak Cliff Tribune

The presses have stopped as the publisher of the Oak Cliff Tribune considers its future.

The newspaper has been telling life stories for more than 100 years. The last issue, dated Feb. 5, 2009, featured stories about an Oak Cliff woman's 100th birthday and the porch repair of an historic home on its front page.

Publisher Mark Housewright said the Oak Cliff Tribune evolved into a "good news newspaper" about 20 years ago.

"We try to promote the good things that are happening in Oak Cliff, and that's been the philosophy of the paper for a couple of decades now," he said.

Housewright suspended publication to try to figure out how the 105-year-old newspaper can survive.
"Times change and basically that's what's happened to us -- not only in terms of the industry, but  in terms of the local scene and competition -- and the community's changed quite a bit, and all of those things have had an impact on us," he said.

The paper's average circulation was 3,500, mostly paid subscribers. The Tribune was also distributed free to places such as schools and recreation centers.

Housewright said he is speaking with several groups of investors interested in buying the paper, but none want to keep it as it is.

"I think there are other things the business could do, given the proper funding and staffing, and that's going to be up to someone else, probably, in the future if that's what happens," he said.

The only sure thing? Housewright said the Internet will likely play a big part.

"The entity is going to have to evolve into the 21st century," he said.

Housewright is selling all the furniture from the paper's office on Jefferson Boulevard.

He said he'll know the paper's fate by March 31.

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