North Texas

‘The Force Awakens’ Boosts Sales at McKinney Star Wars Store

The Force is with one McKinney business.

Wall-to-wall Star Wars is all you'll find at Order 66 Toys located on South Chestnut Street.

For fans like nine-year-old Logan Pruitt, walking in feels like a dream.

"My favorite thing is Star Wars. I actually have a Star Wars bed," Logan said.

From action figures, to board games, to old film, the store is a treasure trove for all things Star Wars.

"We're one-of-a-kind," co-owner Jeff Durazzo said.

Durazzo and his son, Josh, tapped into the market three years ago.

"We have people that drop to their knees and cry because it brings back such visceral memories from their childhood," Jeff Durazzo said. "Everyone played with these toys."

Since the trailer for "The Force Awakens" was released, the Durazzo say sales have been out of this world.

"Our BB8 stock has gone through the roof," Josh Durazzo said. "We're having a tough time keeping the Episode 7 stuff on the floor."

For the Durazzos, another chapter in the Star Wars series equals staying power.

Some estimates have sales of Star Wars-related merchandise topping $2 billion in the past four months.

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