The Dallas Examiner Gives Voice to Black Community

The Dallas Examiner was founded on the principals of providing relevant and pertinent information to the black community.

Fred J. Finch Jr. started The Dallas Examiner 31 years ago because he wanted the African American community to have a quality news publication. Armed with a vision, Finch took his own money and printed the first copies.

“He took his own money and mailed his paper through the postal services to thousands of families,” his daughter Mollie Finch-Belt said. “I remember when they printed the first paper. He came out to my house and had it in his hand. He rang my doorbell and said ‘Look, see here.’ He had the paper and he was very excited and he came to the kitchen and put it down.”

Finch-Belt has been the publisher of the paper since Finch's sudden death. When she took over, she adopted her father’s passion about the mission behind the newspaper.

“We provide information on health issues, education issues, on what people are doing in their community to better their neighborhoods," she said. "If we don’t publish the stories they will go untold.”

Throughout the years The Dallas Examiner has won dozens of awards.

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