The Colony Residents Asked to Act Now to Avoid Egret Invasion

Residents in The Colony are being asked to act now to avoid an egret invasion

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Once a year in North Texas, egrets take to the trees to make their nests, leaving a smelly mess that lasts for months.

Once they're here. there's nothing anyone can do about it because they're a federally protected species.

So this year, The Colony is going on offense.

Since egrets first arrived in the city, the population has exploded from 250 nests in 2018 to 1,500 nest in 2019, according to community services director Pam Nelson. They create nests and cause headaches for homeowners like Cindi Lane.

“Everyday smelled horrible,” said Lane, who lives next to the area that experienced the 2018 invasion.

“It’s just a shower, it's actually a whitewashing of the entire street," Nelson said.

To prevent the problem from getting worse, The Colony is pulling out its bag of tricks – literally – to help keep the birds at bay.

They’re giving out free kits to residents which include scare-eye balloons, garden hose nozzles, tennis balls and instructions on making homemade noisemakers.

“The whole goal is to make the birds as uncomfortable as we possibly can,” Nelson said.

Nelson is asking neighbors to work together to combat any potential problem. She’s encouraging homeowners to trim trees and call the City immediately if they begin seeing the birds.

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