‘The Candy Store' in Denton is Closing

A favorite sweet spot in Denton will be closing its doors on April 29.

For nearly two decades, the Bertelsen family has owned and operated The Candy Store on the square.

"My mom is the driving force. Candy is her passion," said her son, Robb Bertelsen.

Joyce, or "mom" as she's known to her family and regulars, has cured just about every sweet tooth in town.

"It's heartbreaking for me [to be] giving all my customers up," said Joyce.

Just shy of her 78th birthday, it was time for Joyce to wrap up her candy career.

"I can't say she is tired, but it's time for her to have some time and freedom," Robb said.

Freedom that comes with a new chapter in life.

"But it's alright. We have had many changes and another change isn't going to hurt," said husband, Bob Bertelsen.

Although for Joyce, it's going to be bitter sweet.

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