The Best TV’s to Buy for the Super Bowl

Before the big game, stores will be trying to clear out 2016 sets in anticipation of 2017 models. That's good news for consumers who want to watch the Super Bowl in style.

"Black Friday gets a lot of attention and certainly we see a lot of cheaper prices then, but the second best time to buy it is two weeks before the Super Bowl," said Jim Wilcox from Consumer Reports. "We see the Super Bowl promotions pushing TV prices down about 22 percent."

At Best Buy you can save $300 on this Samsung 55" Class 4k Ultra HD TV starting at $499.99.

Target has this 65" LG TV for 899.99, a $200 saving. You may find additional savings on TVs using Target's Cartwheel smartphone app at checkout.

And if you really want to go big, check out this 75" Sony 4k Ultra HD set. It's pricey, but you'll save $800.

"Black Friday sometimes is about cheaper sets. This is about bigger TVs, bigger screens, and more features," said Wilcox.

There are some features to watch out for. Experts say LED LCD TVs have narrow viewing angles, which means if you have a lot of people over to watch the game, the image may look washed out.

"So you want to get a TV that has a wider viewing angle," said Wilcox.

And there's the extended warranty. Consumer's are often told to buy it, better to be safe than sorry. But is it really worth the price? 

"We typically say skip the extended warranty, it's really more of an opportunity for a retailer to make a margin than it is a good deal for consumers," said Wilcox.

"Most TV's are pretty reliable, we see failure rates anywhere on average three to four percent, and a lot of times it's going to fail in the first year which is covered by the manufacturer's warranty."

Big TV's at affordable prices — a great way to upgrade your Super Bowl experience.

And if you are in need of an upgrade here are some things you'll want to consider before you buy:

  • Be sure to check the viewing angle, especially if you're inviting friends over to watch the game. A set with a wider angle will ensure that everyone gets a great view.
  • The fast on-field action can sometimes cause blurred images, and some TVs do a better job tackling this issue.
  • And lastly, fewer TVs these days have a speaker system that does justice to their great pictures, so you might want to invest in a sound-bar speaker.

For more info on highly rated Super Bowl TV’s, click here.

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