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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: How And Where to Find Them

You can get everything from light bulbs to lemonade all in one spot, but ask even the most die-hard shopper about Amazon Prime Day and they'll tell you to shop around.

The third annual Amazon Prime Day starts Monday at 8 p.m., and this year it's expanding from 24 hours to 30 hours. There are deals on thousands of items from televisions to toasters.

Experts say look for big discounts, including savings of up to 25 percent on smart TVs, 30 percent on some apparel like Under Armour, and even up to 50 percent on certain video games and consoles.

But consumer advocates say the prices already released aren't too much to celebrate. The website says Amazon is promising a 40-inch 1080p TCL TV for $199.

They say you could have gotten the same thing $75 cheaper on Black Friday. But the Amazon Echo is expected to be $89.99, which is $50 less than it was on Black Friday.

So shop around and not just on Amazon.

Target has already kicked off its back-to-school sales, offering deals on school supplies and clothes. If you have a Target "Red Card" you get free shipping on most orders.

As for Walmart, they say they offer great deals every day. They point out they also offer free two-day shipping with no membership fee.

Some deals are great and some not so much.

So how do you sift through all this?

Websites like and track the prices of products on Amazon and everywhere else. They'll alert you when that Amazon Prime deal really is one you should run to the computer for.

Some of the best deals will come to those who already bought an Echo.

Ask Alexa what her deals are today and she'll tell you about things you may not want to pass up, and some of the deals are reportedly only available through Alexa.

There's also Amazon Assistant who will send you alerts the second that deals pop up.

There's also a Prime Day Insider's Guide that Amazon put together to help you figure out what to purchase. 

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