Thanksgiving Murder Shines Light On Domestic Violence

The Thanksgiving murder of a Lewisville woman by her partner of more than 10 years is again shining a light on domestic violence.

Lewisville Police say Kishana Jeffers was shot and killed by Daryl Stegall who then turned the gun on himself. Investigators say Stegall kicked in Jeffers front door and shot Jeffers in front of their three children.

“I was really in disbelief, I just couldn’t imagine him hurting her,” friend Sharitha Thompson said.

Friends of Jeffers said she had previously mentioned the problems she’d been having with Stegall including physical and verbal abuse. Thompson said in recent months Jeffers had been trying to free herself from Stegall but was still trying to completely break free. Lewisville Police said Jeffers called officers five times in recent months over incidents with Stegall but in most cases declined to file a police report.

"When a victim ends a relationship, the three months that follow are the most dangerous time in that relationship," Katharyn Jacob, with “Safe Haven” said.

At Jeffers' Grand Prairie Church, news of her death has both shocked and also provided a call to action.

“Often times we talk about domestic violence and situations like that and sometimes we don’t take them as serious as we should,” Word of Peace International Ministry Pastor Idora Jhagroo said.

Jhagroo said she hopes the tragedy of Jeffers death can be used to raise awareness and perhaps save others going through something similar.

For resources concerning domestic violence, click here. Or, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.

Click here to learn how you can help Jeffers' three children.

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