Thanks, 911 — Do You Take Visa?

A Texas town votes to charge residents for emergency response.

Need CPR? Better hope your wallet's full.

City officials in Castle Hills, Texas, voted this week to charge residents a fee for 911 calls they make in emergency situations, KENS-5 San Antonioreports.

Each resident is allowed one 911 call per year under the new law. After that, it'll cost $55 each time you dial.

The new charge -- called the "First Responder's Fee" is designed to help the city cover the cost of emergency response teams, KENS-5 said.

The city budgeted a mere $215,000 for EMS services for the year.

The First Responder's Fee does not apply if residents are calling to report an active fire or to request police help -- so if you're being robbed, dial away.

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