TEXRail Crossing Arms Malfunction In Colleyville

TEXRail says it has identified and fixed the problem that caused some crossing arms at crossings in Colleyville to remain up while trains passed over the weekend.

The malfunction, captured on video, impacted the exit arms at two crossings in Colleyville.

"I don't know if it's a computer glitch or how it's operated but there's obviously a malfunction," Von Husband's, who shot video of the malfunction, said.

According to TEXRail, a loop detector, which prevents the exit gate from lowering in case someone is trapped in the crossing while the gates are activated, was malfunctioning.

In a statement TEXRail said in part:

"The important safety factor to note is that the entrance gates were lowered, which prevented cars from crossing the tracks.”

Among those to see the video of the incident was Colleyville Mayor Richard Newton.

"It doesn't matter if it was on the exit arm or not, it was a malfunction and when the signaling system malfunctions it concerns everyone," Newton said.

Newton says the city has been in contact with TEXRail and Colleyville Police responded to the crossings within minutes of the incident being reported on Saturday. The city has since also added electronic billboards near the crossings warning drivers to be extra cautious.

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