Texas Connects Us: ‘Jack's French Frys'

If you like fried food, the State Fair of Texas is your place.

And if french fries are your favorite, chances are you've had Jack's French Frys.
"Up until the late 70s, we were the exclusive," said owner Jack Pyland. "We were the only ones selling french fries out here."

Jack's father started the business in the 1940s.

"As he tells me, he's the first one to introduce fried potatoes to farmers, everybody said 'what's a french fry?' They didn't know what it was. It took him a while to teach them," Pyland said.

But what's up with the name?

"My mother was an English teacher and when we came up with the name she was trying to tell my Dad it's f-r-i-e-s and he was mad at her that night, so he spelled it f-r-y-s just to aggravate her," Pyland joked.

Pyalnd has never missed a State Fair in his life.

"This is my 69th fair," he boasted.

He really doesn't have to say much because his fries usually do all the talking.

"They're delicious," added a customer. "Some of the stuff at the fair is a little odd. So, it's nice to have something that you know is going to be good."

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