Texas, OU Fans Say They Were Baited Into Illegal Lots

Drivers spend hours in line to retrieve towed cars

Dozens of Texas-OU football fans said they were lured into parking lots before the game, only to find their cars towed when they returned.

The car owners lined up outside Lone Star Auto Services to pay to get their cars returned. They all said they parked in what they thought were legal lots around Fair Park.

"They flagged us down and said, 'Parking, five blocks away, not a problem,'" Seven Gonzales said. "We looked around; there were no signs, not one single sign, so we went ahead and parked."

While they were away at the game, someone put up "no parking" signs, the car owners said.

"You show back up, the signs are up. Where did these come from?" one man said.

"And they're still taking money while other cars are getting towed," another man added.

It cost people nearly $200 dollars to get their cars back. One woman said as she drove off that it was $192 or $193 with a debit card.

"I don't think anyone should have to go through this crap," Travis Burgess said.

Some drivers who had their cars towed said Sunday they are considering a lawsuit against Lone Star Auto Services.

A tow lot employee refused to comment to NBC 5 Saturday.

Some people waited more than four hours in line.

"It shouldn't take all this time, man," one man said. "This don't make no (expletive) sense, man. We've been here two, three hours, man."

People in line chanted, "We want our cars."

As night fell, some people called 911.

Tow lot managers later asked the police to tell the NBC 5 crew to leave the property.

People were still lined up, waiting to get their cars back late Saturday night.

The tow lot is open 24 hours.

Fair organizers said the safest thing to do is pay for parking on the fair grounds. The official fair parking costs $10.

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