Texas Leaders Blast FEMA

Anger Over Hurricane Ike Recovery Response

Texas officials are angry with the federal emergency response to Hurricane Ike victims in southeast Texas.

They accused the Federal Emergency Management Agency of insensitivity and foot-dragging in providing trailers and money.

Kevin Hamby is general counsel of the state Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

He says fewer than 200 trailers are available for people to occupy on their property while their homes are being repaired.

He says FEMA officials had promised 300 trailers a week.

The state agency estimates that 3,000 to 6,000 trailers are needed.

While the federal agency has offered to pay for displaced residents to stay in hotels and motels, few rooms are available in the hard-hit area.

FEMA spokesman Simon Chabel insists that the agency is acting quickly and responding "in a way that's compassionate."

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