Texas Woman Pens Book Using Trump Tweets

Author, a Trump supporter, plans to release new volumes each spring

You don't have to be on Twitter, or even have an internet connection, to see some of President Donald Trump's most famous tweets.

A Houston-area woman has created a book titled "Just the Tweets: President Donald J. Trump's Historic Collection of Tweets Volume I."

Trisha Hope told Houston NBC affiliate KPRC that she got the idea last year from friends and family who aren't on Twitter. Hope calls herself an avid Trump supporter, and the book is just what it is — "It's just his tweets."

"I had a lot of friends and family reach out to me about his tweets because they're not on Twitter. And they always asked, 'What did he tweet today? What's going on?'" Hope explained. "I hope to get people to read it and understand and watch and reflect what he said when he said it and then how things evolve."

She plans to release more volumes each spring.

It's available online for $35.

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