Texas Woman Accepts 18-Year Term for Drunken, Fatal Crash

The drunken driving crash killed a woman and her infant son

A 21-year-old Houston-area woman has accepted a plea deal that will result in an 18-year prison sentence for a drunken driving crash that killed a woman and her infant son.

Harris County prosecutors said Veronica Rivas, of Bacliff, agreed Tuesday to the deal that will result in her imprisonment for intoxication manslaughter.

She's scheduled to be formally sentenced next month.

Authorities said she was driving her SUV upward of 90 mph along an Interstate 45 service road in February 2018 when it slammed into a passenger car driven by a 36-year-old woman. The woman and her child died at the scene.

Rivas, underage at the time, was drinking margaritas at a Houston bar earlier in the evening.

Prosecutors charged a bartender who served her drinks and also two men who purchased drinks for her and a 17-year-old companion.

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