Texas Thunder Truck – As Tough as Texas Weather

Winning name pulled from 2,200 submissions

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our new, state-of-the-art storm chase truck, now officially named the Texas Thunder Truck.

Thunder Truck is a customized extended Ford F-250 Super Duty loaded with innovative, groundbreaking technology that will allow it to chase and report live from any Texas weather event.

The heavy duty suspension, custom bumpers and commanding stance reflect the fact that Thunder Truck was not simply designed to cover the aftermath of a storm, but to actually chase and report the storm as it is happening.

It has three HD point of view cameras that can point in any direction and it can transmit dual HD streams while driving on or off road. Thunder Truck even has it's own Twitter account, follow along @TXThunderTruck.

The truck's name was sent in by an NBC 5 viewer who submitted her suggestion along with more than 2,200 entries in our Name the Truck Contest.

Here’s more from the team that built Thunder Truck, Accelerated Media Technologies, Inc.

  • An industry first onboard radar system gives viewers a local view of the exact conditions at the live truck.
  • Viasat’s KA Band service has been mated to (2) of Dejero’s VSETS to provide the FIRST DUAL PATH KA/Cell Bonded Vehicle in existence.
  • Among a host of new technologies reserved for KXAS’s viewers, the truck supports 2 Ghz microwave, a 35’ mast, ultrasonic weather gear, Mobile Threat-Net software and Wireless POV Cameras in every direction.
  • Our 5KW Victron Inverter Power System (V.I.P Ultra +) is combined with a MEPS System to give the truck dual/redundant power sources and an ability to generate 5KW of power at any speed (or with the engine off).
  • Of course the truck has ample storage and a heavy duty antenna platform rated for severe weather operation.

NO ONE in the region has a more powerful weather resource.

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