Texas Slayings Highlight Shortcomings in State Parole System

Authorities say a Texas felon accused in a criminal rampage that killed three people shows cracks in the state's criminal justice system.

State parole officers each have to monitor dozens of offenders and parolees. They say offenders can go days undetected after they violate terms of their release.

The Texas State Employees Union argues the state isn't hiring enough to keep up with mounting caseloads.

The debate was sparked by the Tuesday arrest of 46-year-old Jose Gilberto Rodriguez. Investigators say he's linked to the shooting deaths of three Houston-area people. Investigators say he'd cut off his ankle monitor several days before the first killing.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says he wants to establish a regional task force that uses "risk-assessment categories" in pursuing parolees who reoffend.

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