Texas Senate Approves Banning Drones Over Stadiums, Jails

Legislation now returns to the House for approval

Drone flights could soon face new restrictions in America's largest conservative state.

The Texas Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to ban drones over sports arenas and jails.

The measure makes flying a drone intentionally over a stadium or correctional facility punishable by up to six months in jail. Multiple infractions may mean up to a year behind bars.

The regulation is designed to protect the public from weapons that drones could possibly carry, and to prevent drones from sneaking inmates drugs or contraband.

But opponents say the federal -- not state -- government is charged with overseeing airspace, and worry the bill could stifle the booming drone industry.

The legislation now returns to the House, which previously passed the measure banning all, not only intentional, drone flights over such facilities.

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