Texas School District Moving to Four Day School Weeks


Officials in the Dime Box ISD recently decided to move to a four day school week starting next school year.

The school district is in central Texas, about an hour east of Austin.

Under the new schedule, Mondays will be considered a "flex day." Students will still be able to attend school on Mondays, but will use the day for tutoring, or catching up on any school work. Teachers can use the time to assist students in a more one-on-one style, or work to plan for the week ahead.

The school days will also be extended by 35 minutes to meet state requirements.

Our NBC sister-station KXAN in Austin reports the school district has a student population of about 160 students. All students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade are under one roof.

KXAN also spoke to officials at the Olfen ISD, which was the first school district in Texas to move to a 4-day school week.

"Olfen ISD needed something to distinguish itself," Superintendent Gabriel Zamora told KXAN. "It's worked out — it was a tremendous boost to our enrollment."

Officials at the Dime Box ISD are now accepting feedback from parents, students, faculty and staff about the change.

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