Texas Researchers Using Cloning to Improve Beef Quality

Researchers at West Texas A&M University are working to improve the quality of beef through cloning.

According to the Amarillo Globe-News, the researchers are trying to prove they can use cow carcasses to increase the percentage of Prime Grade 1 beef, which is typically only given to one of every 3,300 cows.

Last year, students and researchers used the carcasses to clone seven calves, which were fed and slaughtered this spring.

"We've shifted the population — at least of these seven — from one in 3,300 to one Prime Yield Grade 1 animal in 98," West Texas A&M animal science professor Ty Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the results, while encouraging, are only the first step of a long process.

Online: West Texas A&M's Cloned Cattle Could Beef Up Industry

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