Texas Rangers Fans Unbothered by Threat of Severe Weather

Texas Rangers fans would not be deterred.

Even with the possibility of severe weather looming, they took their seats at the ballpark.

"I've been a fan for some years now so a little bad weather is not going to stop me from coming out to Support the Rangers," said fan, Darius Garner

While their main priority was to cheer on their beloved team, many people worked behind the scenes to make sure they stay safe.

"Our job is to get out in front of an approaching system and to give our staff enough time to move people to safety," said spokesman Rob Matwick.

Matwick said a plan is in place and ready to execute if need be. The primary goal would be to move people from the upper levels to the lower ones.

So what would be enough to keep these fans away? How severe would it have to get?

"It would have to be some tornadoes. Like some twister type stuff," said Garner.

Rangers fan Michaela Jones said, "Oh a hail would have to hit me upside the head. We have ponchos so we're ready. We're not leaving unless we have to."

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