Fort Worth

Texas Police Officers Coming Together For a Panel to Educate About Traffic Stops

The virtual seminar will be held on Sunday, Aug. 2

NBC 5 News

Former and current North Texas police officers are hosting a virtual seminar to educate young adults about what to do and what not to do at police stops.

The virtual seminar is set for Sunday, Aug. 2.

The panelists expected to be included are current Fort Worth police officers, a retired DPS officer and a 30-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.

Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus will also participate in the discussions and scenarios.

"Knowledge is power, if you don't know, now you know. said Fort Worth City Councilmember Kelly Allen Gray. "For us, it is how do you live through this police stop to fight your battle the next day."

The panel is not being limited to North Texans, as up to 10,000 young people from around the nation can join in.

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