Texas Open Carry is Three Months Away

In three months, gun owners with a concealed handgun license will be able to openly carry in the state of Texas.

Many North Texas gun ranges say they are doubling their education courses before the law goes into effect.

At the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, they are just starting to see a small uptick in concealed handgun license classes.

"It is a big change to openly carry. You don't want to make a mistake," said Eagle Gun Range president David Prince.

Prince is adding classes so that people fully understand the new law.

"We are putting on seminars at least once a month now. We are probably on going to go to twice a month since it's getting closer to Jan. 1," he said.

A big change in the new law requires a business to have two signs if the owner wants to prohibit guns. Right now, a business owner needs one sign, in both English and Spanish, telling patrons that concealed carry guns are not allowed.

Starting Jan. 1, a second sign is required, banning open carry as well.

George Penshorn owns Minutemen Press in Lewisville. So far, he hasn't had an order for the new signs, but expects them closer to the end of the year.

"They will come in and say I have to have one of these," he said.

The guidelines for the signs are very specific. For more information, view the following info sheet from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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HB910 Open Carry Update (Text)
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