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Woman's wild animal rescue doesn't go as planned

Injured animal became agitated after being put in a woman's vehicle near San Antonio


A woman in Central Texas learned a valuable lesson about rescuing injured animals from the side of the road.

A woman identified as Miss U told San Antonio Animal Care Services she spotted what she thought was an injured lemur on the side of the road and stopped to help the animal.

She wrapped the animal in a towel and put it in her car, planning to take it to a vet.

"While her intentions to help the animal were pure, the animal quickly became agitated," San Antonio Animal Care Services said in a post on Facebook.

With the animal frustrated, the woman stopped, got out of her car and called 311. San Antonio Animal Care Officer Centeno responded to her call for help and was able to remove the wild animal from the woman's vehicle.

Centeno said the animal was a ringtail and not a lemur. Ringtails are native to Texas and they belong to the family of coatimundis and raccoons, though they do look similar to a lemur, cat, or fox.

Ringtails are nocturnal and animal experts said spotting one is rare.

Centeno took the injured ringtail to an animal ER before it was later transferred to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation the next day.

"We love having animal lovers, like Miss U, in our community; however, we ask you to PLEASE report injured wildlife to 3-1-1 for the safety of all involved," San Antonio Animal Care said.

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