Killeen Police Update on Psychiatric Call Shooting Death of Patrick Warren

Killen police played bodycam video Tuesday of an officer-related shooting that killed 52-year-old Patrick Lynn Warren last week as the investigation into the shooting continues.

Chief of Police Charles Kimble introduced the video, which he described as graphic, and said that the video shows what happened when Officer Reynaldo Contreras arrived at the home responding to the psychiatric call, as well as the escalation of the interaction that ultimately ended when Warren was shot first with a stun gun and then a handgun.

Kimble added that the 911 operator heard yelling in the background and Warren's wife saying that her husband was aggressive. He added that when the call began, Contreras was at the family's front door and when it ended he had retreated to a neighbor's yard.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Lee Merritt, an attorney for Warren's family, said last week that Warren was in the midst of a "mental health crisis" and that the man had voluntarily gone to a hospital with a different Killeen officer the day before the shooting. He returned home and later developed manic symptoms, which prompted Sunday's call.

"Instead of that same resource officer who had helped before, they sent Reynaldo Contreras," Merritt said. "The officer had a hostile demeanor and was not prepared to deal with a mental health crisis ... (the incident) continued to escalate. (Warren) was within his rights to reject the services of this law enforcement officer."

Contreras is on paid leave pending an investigation of the shooting by Texas Rangers, according to Kimble. The officer's race hadn't been released by authorities.

Warren's wife, Bobbie Warren, said in a statement that she wanted the officer arrested.

The chief said in a statement that he understands the community's concern and that more information is forthcoming.

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