Uvalde School Shooting

Uvalde Students Start New School Year With Hugs, High-Fives and Security Changes

The first day back to school in Uvalde was both emotionally heavy and hopeful

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Students in Uvalde returned to school Tuesday for the first time since the Robb Elementary School shooting left 21 dead and 19 injured.

There was a mix of emotions as parents dropped off their kids at Uvalde Elementary, one of the schools where students of the now-closed Robb Elementary were reassigned.

“I'm a little worried this morning, of course,” said Lavonne DeLeon, a grandmother dropping off two children who were at Robb Elementary during the shooting.

“I'm confident. I put my faith in God. We're OK,” said another parent.

Students were met with hugs, high-fives, and many new changes. Law enforcement was very visible at campuses across the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and tall fences now surround some of the schools.

The school day appeared to be a success for those who attended in person. Not so much for some who enrolled in online learning which the district offered for those not ready to return to class.

Adam Martinez says his two kids were unable to log into their lessons all day. If it doesn't improve, he says he'll have to explore other options.

“Going to another K-12 program that has their act together or going back to school and those schools aren’t ready. The fence isn’t even up at Flores Elementary where my daughter would go,” said Martinez.

Across the district, counselors and comfort dogs will be on hand to help ease the transition toward the next step in healing the hurting community. “We're going to have a good year,” said DeLeon.

School districts across Texas showed support for Uvalde by wearing the district’s colors, maroon and white.

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