TxTag Holders Prepare for Big Bills as TxDOT Begins Using New Operating System

TxDOT said it's all linked to a change in its system

Texas Department of Transportation

North Texans who use toll roads should keep an eye on their TxTag bill and their bank balance.

A change by TxDOT could have months worth of old charges hitting drivers' accounts.

TxDOT began transitioning to a new operating system in November, and no tolls were deducted from TxTag accounts during the switch.

Now that the new system is up and running, the change could affect trips drivers have taken dating back to October.

Some customers with autopay worry the new charges will hit their accounts all at once, which could lead to overdrafts.

Fortunately for those with TxTag accounts, TxDOT said it will try to limit the number of withdrawals it makes in a day.

Individuals billed by mail will likely see a single statement with all of their charges.

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