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Trump-Appointed US Attorney in Texas Abruptly Resigns

President Donald Trump appointed Joseph Brown in 2018

Department of Justice

A Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in Texas has announced his resignation without providing an explanation for his unusually abrupt departure.

United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas Joseph Brown said in a statement Tuesday that he will leave office on May 31. President Donald Trump appointed him in 2018. He had previously served as Grayson County District Attorney.

According to a news release on the Department of Justice website, Brown is credited with playing a major national role in carrying out President Trump’s 'Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse.' Brown focused prosecution resources on the illegal prescribing and dispensing of drugs by doctors and pharmacies and cracked down on "the international and domestic drug supply chains that have devastated communities, both urban and rural, throughout the United States."

The statement doesn't explain why the 50-year-old prosecutor is leaving the prestigious post except to say he will pursue "opportunities in the private and public sectors."

“I’m excited about the next chapter," Brown said,. "There are many exciting opportunities on the horizon and some of those will become apparent in the coming days."

Brown and a spokeswoman haven't responded to Associated Press requests for comment.

It's unclear who will lead the office in the interim.

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